Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It is a.....

We had a poll going on the chalkboard to keep track of what our friends and family thought. Was love bug going to be a boy or a girl??!!! As you can see, most people think love bug is a girl. I have thought girl since day one. Daddy also thought girl. Will was very adamant that I had a baby girl in my belly.

I was able to snap a quick picture of the three of us at the doctors office. This was before the sonogram. We are all so excited to find out the sex. 

It's a girl!!! We couldn't be more thrilled. One of each sex.... just perfect. 
We wanted to send balloons up up heaven to let Grandma Linda (my mother) and Papa Luce (Matt's grandfather) know that baby #2 was a sweet little girl. We wish they were here to see our precious little family. We miss them dearly, but we know they are watching over us.

Will has been telling everyone that he sees about "baby girl". He squeezes my belly to give baby girl hugs and kisses my belly button to show her love. He is already the best big brother!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

17 weeks, 2 days and growing

I've been feeling much better.... Thank goodness. Finally feeling like my self again. Headaches occasional, but I think that is just something I will have to deal with. Tylenol and a little rest usually help. 

Starting to feel the baby move more and more. Lots of fluttering and a few kicks. I'm hoping that Matt will be able to feel the kicks soon. 

Will talks about the baby quite a bit. He likes to lift my shirt and kiss the baby. We asked him at breakfast this morning if he thought mommy had a baby girl in the belly or baby boy. He of course said "baby  girl." Hopefully this little mystery will be solved on September 16th at the next sonogram. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Labor Day Fun

We took advantage of daddy being off for Labor Day and spent the morning at the Dallas World Aquarium. We got there when they first opened so we were able to avoid a line. A highly reccommend going early... there was quite the crowd when we were leaving.

Will loved seeing all of the animals and fish. I think his favorite things were the owls. One of the owls kept flying back and forth from one side of the cage to the other. Will thought that was pretty neat.

He wanted to touch and pet the baby owl. He even tried to kiss the glass. 

The sharks were AWESOME! I'm not sure Will was crazy about them, but Matt and I thought they were really cool. 

Helping mom push the stroller is way more fun than riding in it. 

It's too bad every day isn't Labor Day! Will and I really enjoyed our extra day with dad. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Montgomery Family of Four!!

We are thrilled to announce that we have a little love bug in the making. Baby Montgomery is scheduled to arrive on Valentine's Day! It's been amazing having Will in our lives. We can only imagine how wonderful it will be with two perfect children. Matt and I are certain that Will will be a loving, gentle, fun and helpful big brother! 

The first sonogram. The real proof that I am prego. This little picture signals the reason I had been feeling so miserable. With Will, I felt pretty good in the first trimester. With our little love bug .... Well, that is a different story. This time around I have been extremely achy, tired, nauseas (all the time) and have had terrible headaches. 

12 week sonogram picture. This sonogram will always mean more to me than what I will be able to explain, but I will give it a try...

The night before this sonogram was done, we had the biggest scare. That evening I started to have heavy bleeding that wasn't slowing down. It was late that night and it was time for us to go to bed. All Matt and I could do was lay there. Matt held me and tried to convince me to stay positive. I cried... a lot. I was so worried that we were losing our Love Bug. I tried to sleep, but I spent most of the night fearing the worst. I prayed. I cried. 

First thing the next morning I called my doctor.They had me come in right away. The nurse calls me back into the room. She wants to check for a fetal heart beat with the Doppler. As she is rolling the Doppler over my belly all we here is silence. Heart wrenching silence. Again, trying to stay positive. I keep it together. The nurse tells me that it's still hard to pick up a heart beat on the Doppler this early (13 weeks or higher is when it starts to work best). She leaves the room and sends my doctor in. Dr. English comes in to talk to me. She delivered Will. We have grown close with Dr. English and love her so much. As soon as I see her the tears start to roll down my face. I can't hold them back any longer. She hates to see me cry and has the nurse rush out to grab the sonogram machine. Dr. English tells me that we are going to quickly check to see how our baby was doing. I know she was secretly hoping for positive results. I'm sure she couldn't handle much more of my crying. 

The results are below:) Sigh of relief when we see Love Bug moving on the sonogram and see the heart beating away! Baby is doing great. Now, we just need to figure out where all the bleeding was coming from. A more extensive sonogram with the sono tech showed that I have a small tear on the outside of my uterus. The placenta was slightly torn away causing the bleeding. I was assured that this happens often and that everything should be ok. 

During the next two weeks I was advised to take it easy. The bleeding continues. We were hesitant to announce our little joy just yet. Wanted to get confirmation at the next sonogram that everything was still ok. 

15 week sonogram. With the move, we are now 45 minutes away from my amazing Dr.Enlgish. It pains me to say that I had to switch doctors. We loved her so much, but the distance just wouldn't work with delivery (Could you imagine having a 45 min drive to get to the hospital when you were in labor.... NO THANK YOU!). We received a great referral from good friends of ours for our new doctor. The first appointment went really well and I can say that I was happy with him. So, I guess I'll keep him:) The new doc and I talked about my tear. The sonogram showed that it was still there. He explained it to me in more detail. My placenta is 99% attached, with 1% torn away. It sounds scary, but he assured me that the baby is getting everything that he/she needs. Dr. Rost said that its ok for me to stop worrying. He doesn't foresee this being a problem. It will be more of a nuisance for me than anything (continued bleeding). He said this could linger and last the whole time, or at minimum clear up by 18 weeks. I left the doctors office feeling high on life. We are 15 weeks pregnant. The baby is still doing really well and I know that we should be ok. It's time to announce this baby!!!!! 

The next sonogram on September 16th will let us know if Will is going to have a little brother or a little sissy!!!! We can't wait to find out. Happy, healthy is all we can ask for..... But, it's still exciting to find out what color I should pick out for the nursery:) 

16 week belly picture. Officially wearing maternity pants now. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Fast forward to 20 months...

It's incredible how fast the months have flown by since Will arrived. Still shocking to me that he is now 20 months old. Since I haven't blogged in a very long time, this is my chance to brag about all the awesome things Will is already doing. I'm just going to put this out there... My child is a genius. But, I'm sure every proud parent thinks the way that I do:) 

Little man knows most of the letters of the alphabet and almost all the letter songs. His vocabulary has increased dramatically in the past few weeks. He is verbally labeling and naming everything right now. He has a memory that still surprises me (he must get that from me:). He knows all of his colors... Still gets a couple mixed up here and there, but overall, he has got it down (thanks to M&Ms). He helps mommy and daddy count to ten and he is able to count showing 1-2-1 correspondence to three. 

He started running a few weeks ago. Cracks me up to see his little feet working that hard. Will goes to Gym class on Wednesdays. He is starting to show more courage when it comes to climbing up and down things. Will is a very methodical child. He typically thinks through things before he does it. He is not the child that goes full speed and then realizes that it was a bad idea. He has been working on jumping on the trampoline. Will isn't getting any air under his feet yet, but he sure is trying... It won't be long. 

Will's love for music has continued. I started taking him to a Gymboree music class this summer. In class he gets to dance, play instruments and sing songs. He is the most enthusiastic child in the class. At the end of every song he claps like it was the greatest thing he has ever heard.  Matt had the opportunity to take Will to class today. I was excited to hear that they had a great experience and that Will happily showed daddy the ropes at class.

Whenever we are out in public, Will strives to be the most social child in the room. He is extremely friendly to those around us. He loves to say "hi" to anyone that will listen. Will always scans the room to see what girls are in attendance and then quickly points them out to us "girl!". He then follows it up with "girl.. Hug". Will is very affectionate and LOVES hugging girls. 

Now that I completed all of that, I just realized the teacher side in me will never go away. I just typed up a summary of my child's strengths as if I was getting ready for an IEP meeting:). 

We are awfully proud of our little guy and continue to enjoy watching him learn and grow! 

Will's first trip to see Santa

Waiting in line to see Santa! 

Finally got to see the jolly big man. Will didn't cry. He reached up and touched his beard and he also held his hand. Matt and I were very proud that he was so brave!