Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It is a.....

We had a poll going on the chalkboard to keep track of what our friends and family thought. Was love bug going to be a boy or a girl??!!! As you can see, most people think love bug is a girl. I have thought girl since day one. Daddy also thought girl. Will was very adamant that I had a baby girl in my belly.

I was able to snap a quick picture of the three of us at the doctors office. This was before the sonogram. We are all so excited to find out the sex. 

It's a girl!!! We couldn't be more thrilled. One of each sex.... just perfect. 
We wanted to send balloons up up heaven to let Grandma Linda (my mother) and Papa Luce (Matt's grandfather) know that baby #2 was a sweet little girl. We wish they were here to see our precious little family. We miss them dearly, but we know they are watching over us.

Will has been telling everyone that he sees about "baby girl". He squeezes my belly to give baby girl hugs and kisses my belly button to show her love. He is already the best big brother!

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